At Loophire we do all the job hunting for you. No more searching or applying for hundreds of
jobs and receiving little to no feedback from companies. By creating a profile we immediately
match and connect you with excellent job opportunities based on your work history, skills, even
personality traits.
By manually inputting your work history, it helps our technology rank and quickly match your
profile to available jobs within our system. We also reformat your resume into an easy to read
document that includes your job skills and personality traits so hiring managers can quickly
identify your strengths.

Once your profile is completed our quality assurance team will immediately reach out to
schedule a brief consultation to discuss what types of jobs you’re looking for, make suggestions
on your profile (if necessary) and discuss the great jobs that await you!

Say goodbye to applying for jobs, forever. With Loophire there is no applying for jobs. We
immediately connect you to employers searching for your specific experience and skills. If the
company wishes to interview they’ll reach out and for any reason they’re slacking, our team
oversees each job and candidate flow to ensure an excellent hiring experience.

Loophire is free for all job seekers.

Loophire is working 24/7 to connect you with the best opportunities based on your specific
profile. If for any reason you haven’t received any matches don’t worry, we’re here for you!
Email ​​ and a member of our team will schedule a follow up consultation to
discuss how we can help.

No problem! During your consultation with our quality assurance team just let us know your
situation and we’ll make sure and only match you with the specifics you’re looking for in a job.

First off, congratulations! Suspending or cancelling your Loophire account is no problem at all.
Simply email s​​ and we’ll take care of it right away.



Loophire is an online employment marketplace that helps companies connect to
the most qualified candidates across the most competitive industries without
any sourcing or recruitment effort.
Our powerful matching technology sources and qualifies only the best
candidate matches for your roles. To ensure the utmost quality, each candidate
is vetted by our team to confirm their legitimacy and employment status. THEN,
the candidate is presented to you. The result? Far better hires that vastly improves recruitment ROI.
Loophire was created by an experienced Recruiter to streamline the hiring
process. By using matching technology alongside proven recruitment methods,
Loophire is able to immediately deliver qualified and vetted candidates for about
the same price as the job board you’re using.
Simply post a job and we handle the rest!
Our marketplace reaches thousands of candidates every month across the most
competitive industries.
Reach out​ to a Loophire team member today for your free consultation.
Instead of spending hours sourcing candidates, we do all of the recruiting work
for you and present only the best options. That means you can spend less time
sourcing candidates and more time building candidate relationships, aligning
with business partners, and focusing on strategy.
No matter what ATS you use, we deliver candidates directly through the
Loophire platform providing an unmatched hiring experience.
Loophire reformats every candidate resume into an easy to read document that
can easily be exported. We also include sections that outline their job skills
pertaining to specific roles and industries, as well as a personality profile based
on the DISC Assessment which i​s a tool used to improve work productivity,
teamwork, leadership, sales, and communication.
We offer a full suite of recruitment solutions that can be customized to any
company size and need.
First, we work with you to understand your specific hiring goals, strategy, and
budget. From there, we customize your campaign based on the number of jobs
you have, the type of jobs you need to fill, the location, and industry. Plans can
be tailored for a monthly subscription or pay-for-performance depending on
your hiring goals. Want to learn more? ​Send us a message​ to get started.
Before the recruiting process begins, our teams do a market analysis to help you
develop a successful hiring strategy. Whatever your specific recruiting goals
may be, our dedicated specialists will work with you to develop clear methods
to track your progress and ensure we’re striving to reach your target.